D3A – Code of Conduct

The conference Danish Digitalization, Data Science and AI (D3A) should represent a secure and inclusive environment for everyone.

To support this ambition, all participants, speakers, and organisers, must respect and adhere to this Code of Conduct.

Organisers are responsible for informing of and promoting the Code of Conduct during the event. Any participant may notify the D3A Named Person(s) about experiences or observations of inappropriate behaviour that comes to their attention.


This Code of Conduct applies to:

  • All participants, including organisers, session organisers, speakers, etc.
  • All activities during D3A, inside as well as outside of the official programme.
  • All activities taking place in physical as well as virtual venues, and on virtual engagement, platforms and communication channels, including social media.

Offensive behaviour

D3A must provide an experience for all participants that is free from harassment, bullying, discrimination, and inappropriate behaviour which includes, but is not limited to:

  • Intimidation, personal attacks, stalking, following, harassment, inappropriate physical contact or attention, or derogatory mention.
  • Offensive comments, materials or activities related to age, race, colour, nationality, religion, gender/gender identity, sexual orientation, medical condition, disability, or pregnancy.
  • Disorderly, boisterous, or disruptive conduct including fighting, coercion, theft, damage to property, or any mistreatment or unprofessional behaviour towards participants.


Please contact the D3A Named Person(s), regardless of whether you wish to place a formal complaint or merely express a concern or seek advice.

  • A Named Person is not obliged to inform any other authority and is thus able to handle any complaint or concern in full confidentiality.
  • A Named Person has no formal authority but will support the person reporting an offensive behaviour in informing the relevant authority if agreed upon.
  • A Named Person will support the person reporting an offensive behaviour in deciding if and how to proceed.
  • Professional consultancy will be included if deemed necessary.


Named Person:
Sniff Andersen Nexø, DDSA Education and Grants Manager, +45 31903539, sniff@ddsa.dk

Additional Named Persons will be announced at the conference.


In case of a breach to this Code of Conduct, the organisers will respond towards the offender as deemed appropriate according to law and regulations.

Sanctions may be, but are not limited to, a warning, expulsion from conference with no refund, barring from participation in future D3A conferences, reporting the incident to the offender’s organisation/company, or in the last instance reporting the incident to law enforcement authorities.